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ProcessMiner™ CEO | What do you think about the state of AI in manufacturing?

ProcessMiner™ Co-founder and CEO, Karim Pourak, shares his life-long journey with innovation, engineering and the advancements in the revolution of the manufacturing industry throughout the past 50 years.

Have a listen and let us know what you think about the state of AI in manufacturing? Email with your thoughts.

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In this ProcessMiner University podcast episode, Dr. Chitta Ranjan, Director of Science at ProcessMiner, talks about his early life and education, his book, “Understanding Deep Learning,” and the role deep learning plays in the evolution of artificial intelligence.

ProcessMiner’s AI platform is the industry-leading autonomous control solution delivering automated process improvement recommendations and parameter control changes digitally and in real-time to machines and production lines.

ProcessMiner is a decision automation platform that predicts problems in real-time using artificial intelligence and data within the manufacturing process to reduce variability, drive optimum state, increase production and improve quality.

In this ProcessMiner University podcast episode, Karim Pourak sits down with Lucian Fogoros, co-founder of IIoT-World to discuss trends in the industrial internet of things and to talk about the industries making the biggest investments in industry 4.0 digital technologies.

ProcessMiner CEO, Karim Pourak, sits down with John Younes, co-founder and CEO of Litmus, to talk latest advances in Edge Computing, the broad universe of IIoT and what manufacturing will look like five years from now.

From the days of hand-drawn statistical process control charts using rudimentary statistical process control to drive optimization, to now… robust, autonomous, closed-loop control in pulp and paper manufacturing.

The topic of the circular economy is something we’ve all likely heard in passing, however many do not understand what exactly that means, and how it impacts business.

Karim Pourak sits down with Michael Walton, Director, Industry Executive (Manufacturing), Microsoft, and President, Intelligent Manufacturing Board, Purdue University, to chat everything “Operational Excellence, Monetizing Factory Data, and the Execution of Quality Improvements for Top and Bottom Line Growth Opportunities.”

The COVID-19 global pandemic is changing the rules about manufacturing. Our panel of industry experts will discuss the ways in which cloud technologies are offering manufacturers a way to deploy, execute and maintain enterprise applications by employees, both on-site and remote.

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