ProcessMiner™ Channel Partnership Program

ProcessMiner™ partners with the industry’s most innovative companies to deliver our real-time AI-powered decision automation platform to reduce energy consumption, raw materials, chemical usage and cost.

As a ProcessMiner™ channel partner, unlock new growth opportunities for your business to deliver strategic value to your customers.

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Value-Added Resellers

ProcessMiner’s Value-Added Reseller program allows companies to offer a turnkey AI-powered cloud solution to their customers.

As a value-added reseller, ProcessMiner delivers speed-to-value and high ROI, using your company’s own brand.

Learn how you can improve your company’s margins and monetize your client’s data. Join the industry-leading autonomous control solution that delivers process improvement recommendations and parameter control changes in real-time to the production line.

Systems Integrators

By working with ProcessMiner™, systems integrators can deliver the manufacturing industry’s leading artificial intelligence platform for their customers.

Our AI-enabled platform interoperates with existing systems and technologies already deployed on the factory floor.

A ProcessMiner™ Systems Integrator partner can quickly develop and implement AI solutions to automate industrial processes, achieve continuous, real-time availability to minimize operational and security risks.

Help your customers deploy artificial intelligence to monetize their data and deliver value, from the factory floor to the C-Suite.

IIoT Providers

Organizations face a multitude of challenges as they digitally transform their operations.

As a ProcessMiner™ IIoT provider partner, you can help organizations address challenges that come in working with a complex system of sensors, devices and equipment.

Learn more about an IIoT partnership with ProcessMiner™, and how our turnkey AI platform improves customer profits from waste reduction, quality improvement, productivity improvement, reductions in machine downtime, and autonomous proactive process control.

Industry 4.0 Visionaries

As a ProcessMiner™ Industry 4.0 partner, we’ll work together to generate customer-ready solutions, broaden innovation, accelerate time to market, and deliver solutions to achieve better customer outcomes.

The goal of this partnership is to strategize for Industry 4.0 to help customers navigate business issues through digital transformation and achieve high-value improvements on the factory floor.

Our Industry 4.0 Visionary partnership will leverage and innovate on today’s smart technologies for tomorrow’s manufacturing industrial revolution.

A lot of what Solenis provides is helping our customers meet a specific quality objective. We were aggregating data and visualizing it for our customers to show value for the programs we had, but we weren’t actually doing stuff with that data. A big piece of the analytics space we were struggling with was there was no focus. We met with many vendors, big and small, different sizes and countless specialties. That’s when we came across ProcessMiner. ProcessMiner was very focused on quality. We went with ProcessMiner.

Tony Lewis

Global Product Manager, Solenis

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